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Check out more of Devina's testimonials on her instagram highlights "testimonials" or her pinned videos.
IG: @alchemydragonessllc


"Devina has a true gift of connecting to the subtle energies always whispering to us... she is amazing at getting you into a meditative state (which is hard for me) then she pulled some beautiful cards as we were both mind blown on the message! Very powerful cards! The pull was proof enough to travel to an earth chakra point that I’ve been wanting to go to, so now it’s time to really do it! Then comes my favorite part of the time with her- the light language channeling! When she spoke it was like taking me home- so familiar and comforting. She channeled the golden dragon as they are assisting me embody abundance lately! I wish there were more words to describe how BEAUTIFUL the dragon light language sounded. My heart chakra was exploding the whole session! It was much needed!"

-Merlyn Olivia


"I have had a few wonderful sessions with Devina and I am truly grateful to have resonated with her. She has a beautiful and unique energy. I was going through an especially difficult transition when I reached out for my initial session. Before my session I felt energetically drained, heavy, and unbalanced. After my session I felt empowered, balanced, compassionate, and reminded to have deep trust in the Divine plan. She also recommend crystals to work with to help me after our session! Thank you a million times!!"



"I have followed Devina for a few years and I also have had the pleasure to experience her gifts, from energy activations to readings. She brings a sense of trust and has this unique flow of energy that allows me to get into a state of higher consciousness during each session. I always come out of it feeling rejuvenated with a feeling of clarity. I appreciate her work and that is why I always go back to her for any spiritual cleansing."



"I had a womb activation with Devina and it was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and had such a warm energy. It was my first time experiencing a womb activation and I’ve had some Traumas from my past that I’ve been wanting to clear from my yoni and womb space. During the activation I felt so safe and held in loving space. The activation left a space of calmness within my yoni and womb, something I had not felt in a very long time. This energetic shift to calmness has lasted almost a week now and is still feeling calm and connected. Thank you Devina for your energetic gift!" 

-Katie M. 


"My Womb Activation Session with you was pure bliss & healing.  I felt so safe, comfortable, and was able to access and release stagnant energy within my field! I felt physical sensations like tingling from my knees to my stomach, and I then felt energy move from my root up to my heart center where I then breathed it out through the Activation at the synchronistic moment of you saying “Emerald Hearts connecting with Yeshua” This was exactly what I needed and am so grateful for this! I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND, I feel lighter, clearer, and full of energy."

-Laura Carey 


"Amazing, amazing, amazing. I got my Draconian Astrology Reading from the lovely Alchemydragoness herself. Everything in my chart was on point. I was not expecting my experience with Devina to be so powerful. It really blew my mind. The trance she put me under in her hypnosis meditation, was also an amazing experience. Love the language she speaks to the dragons. Very powerful. I'm so grateful I stumbled onto her Instagram. She has this beautiful welcoming energy about her and she is soft spoken. I found my spiritual guide. I'm definitely going back for more spiritual healing. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I see a lot more connection with her and the dragons in the future. Beautiful energy, I want more of."



“Devina is a very powerful channeler and I’ve had several sessions with her. She’s able to navigate dark and light energies with ease. During one particularly heavy energy clearing, she was able to channel Ganesh and we were both activated with pure bliss and laughter. We couldn’t stop laughing for almost three minutes and I felt pure joy and bliss for days after our session. Thank you!”

-Ashley F.

"My Kundalini Yoga experience with Devina was literally out of this world. The mantras put me in a state of bliss. The positive vibration that it brought throughout my body was a magical feeling; seeing & feeling the white light healing my body, releasing toxic energy & old programming. I felt the calmness & joy during & definitely after. I felt my body waking up. Felt my guides all around me, bringing in the color blue opening up my throat chakra. My guides were reminding me that they are always with me. This session brought me closer to my guides. I saw a lot more in the session,  but it is too deep & too detailed. Devina is very powerful healer thank you so much for the healing. Such an Amazing experience. So much Love!"

-Danielle B

"Devina’s goddess circles are a true ceremony of the divine feminine! I love how she combines yoga, meditation, eft tapping, kundalini, energy work, manifestation & magick into a peaceful, grounding & centering way so that we can reclaim our own empowerment! Plus the additional heart opening cacao, ceremonial herbs & goodies provide a sense of comfort that lends to connecting with other like-minded goddess & soul sisters. It’s a lovely experience that leaves you feeling renewed, connected & uplifted!!"


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