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My Mission

My mission is to empower womben & men to awaken deeper into their tantric delicious queen/king power, claiming their riches, embodied in their sacred femininity & sacred masculinity without shame. 
I am a spiritual guide & tantra teacher, energy healer, business/mindset/manifestation coach, sister, daughter,  & mami dragon to my sweet son-shine.
 I am assisting the planet in the rising & return of pure love frequencies.

I am here to guide you, support you, & teach you on your unique path of transformation through tantra & mindset.
Loves, I not only believe in magick + miracles, I effortlessly create them in my own life & I teach &  inspire you to do the same.
My mission is to support, empower, coach, teach and guide you to AWAKEN YOUR INNER DRAGON, with my many transformational, esoteric-holistic modalities + biz strategies.
With the special mindset mastermind tools and techniques I share in my 1:1  intimate tantric transformation & spiritual biz coaching...
I teach you skills for a learn how to unlock the magical life that you dream living & having....I teach you how to transmute stagnant energy & clear energetic blocks, reprogram your subconscious mind through hypnosis, EFT & NLP techniques, heal & awaken your kundalini-life force serpent-dragoness energy, put limiting beliefs in the past once & for all, manifest the life of your dreams, by becoming a magnet for ALL YOUR DESIRES...for yummy magick & daily miracles.... CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING A MAGNET FOR EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE?!
QUEENS & KINGS.... it is possible, & I am living proof...working with me is not only going to help you face your shadows & fears...I teach you lifetime tools & biz strategies to create true prosperity & juicy tantric energy & wellness within yourself & in all areas of your life.
 If you want to learn to live a vibrant life of true FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE, say no more divine soul,
I also channel angelic soul frequencies known as "light language", in my energy healing sessions, the frequencies assist me in rewiring & activating DNA. 
I have assisted many divine goddesses in activating their juicy divine SHE power and heart opening gifts so that they can claim their riches with ease & grace.
I truly believe every goddess & man-god that is called to work with me & dive into their tantric transformation journey IS POWERFUL. I believe each one of you has a divine soul mission & majestic dragon within, waiting to be discovered...SHE IS DIVINE, SHE IS WEALTHY, SHE IS BEAUTY, SHE IS POWER. HE IS DIVINE, HE IS POWER, HE IS WEALTHY, HE IS BEAUTY.
Loves, there are no coincidences, only divine synchronicities.

"Tune in, Tap in, Turn on."


"Now is All You Have"

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My loves, I am putting together an 8 wee
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