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Virtual Mind Body Soul Transformation 

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Hello Loves! I believe everyone should have access to these tools to accelerate on their unique ascension journeys smoothly. Mind Body Soul Transformation is everyones divine birthright and my ultimate dream is for ALL to have support and access to the secrets and tools to deepen self empowerment, self realization, and self love! We are all beyond capable of living a truly abundantful life, full of magic, miracles, intention, high vibrations, bliss, pure love and inspiration! There are so many codes I share in each class/session in this course to access your own divine powers and step deeper into your life from a space of true confidence, freedom, bliss, and have access to all the tools to live the abundantful life you truly desire! 


I am thrilled to share with you this extremely potent creation I have birthed for you all!

The ultimate Mind Body Soul Transformation is HERE loves.

What does this course entail?

This Mind Body Soul Transformation  Course is 8 weeks of intimate 1:1 coaching with Devina, consisting of 8 classes/sessions, 60 min each, once a week.


Devina will be coaching you virtually 1:1,  guiding you step by step through your transformation. She will support you, guide you, and offer you all the tools to propel you forward, teaching you to discover your own power and build confidence in yourself, and realize YES anything is possible, YES you are meant for greatness, YES you deserve to wake up happy, excited, & have an orgasmic life every single day, YES you can create your own reality where ALL your hearts desires and dreams come true.

You are a MIRACLE, and you deserve to experience infinite MIRACLES. With ALL the TOOLS to last you a lifetime; Devina shares with you in her 1:1 intimating coaching courses- you WILL learn to strengthen and navigate your mindset, find freedom within to create and manifest the life, relationships, & businesses you've always desired and dreamed of, and get clear on your desires by releasing limiting beliefs and locate your energetic blocks to transmute any stagnant energy and re-align yourself; unlocking abundance on all levels.


You will learn to tap into your power and remain grounded in your power.


You will learn to access living in a state of love, excitement, bliss, gratitude, and learn the art of law of attraction- ultimately realizing you ARE magical & miracles are your birth right. You will have the TOP TOOLS that you can access anytime and anywhere on your own; on how to THRIVE & exist in a state of mind of being open to receiving MAGIC & MIRACLES in your waking life daily!

This 1:1 intimate coaching takes commitment and a deep desire to want to truly make the shifts in your life for the better, for yourself, your future, and the NOW.


What are some of the Tools we delve into in this 1:1 Course?



We will delve into Mindset & Manifestation by rewiring the conscious and subconscious mind through EFT also known as emotional freedom techniques & mindset techniques through NLP -Neuro Linguistic Programming.

We will activate and align the energetic and physical body through; Yoga (Kundalini, Tantra, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bhakti, Restorative- all levels), intuitive movement, breath-work, chakra energy balancing through visualization; meditation, mudras, mantras, and affirmations.

We will rejuvenate the soul through  Light Language Sound Frequencies, Channeled Messages from the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Dragons & energy healing DNA activations.

12 week  course in full :


12 week course + VIP package:




Payment methods: PayPal, Venmo, Zelle

*payment plans available*

What does VIP entail?

The VIP package entails everything included in the 8 week course + four 60 min 1:1 sessions with Devina.


With each 1:1 session, Devina is able to personalize the session and go deeper into what each client specifically needs for their own personal mind body soul transformation journeys. 

You will also receive an oracle reading per VIP 1:1 session, weekly wellness tips & reminders, + unlimited voxer text support until the VIP package expires. 

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*no refunds*

Take this quiz to see if this course is right for you & find out if we are compatible to work together:
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